Choosing the Perfect match – Acoustic or Digital

It is very important to decide on your work piece. Both or any is definitely not an option. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Acoustic Pianos


There is no doubt an acoustic piano is the best piano if the player wants to get an authentic feel and sound. This is mainly because the sounds are realistic and there is no digital reproduction of the tunes. A good acoustic piano produces the sounds that could vibrate a hall without a speaker!

Just for the Professionals

Acoustic Pianos are meant only for the professionals. Upright pianos and the Grand Pianos are the acoustic pianos. Upright pianos occupy lesser space when compared with the Grand pianos that are usually used in concerts and musicians.



  • Regular tunings of acoustic pianos are a must and should be done and more importantly only by a technician.
  • It also needs a humidifier to maintain its room humidity level to increase its quality life
  • Cleaning and polishing is also vital


Larger the piano, finer are the tunes. And hence Acoustic pianos always provide the best tunes and are huge in size till 9 feet. And therefore it is very difficult to move an acoustic piano even in a studio set up.

Having said so, the acoustic pianos are the best for the finest sounds. High quality acoustic pianos are lovely to play. However never settle for a low budget acoustic piano as the making of an acoustic piano at such a low rate is impossible!

Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos are fast moving and are quite popular when compared to the acoustic pianos. They were launched recently and are in use only for around 20 years.


Volume control

  • The sound of a Digital piano is electronic and can be amplified using speakers
  • It can also be used in homes by just plugging in headphones
  • Volume control cannot be done in acoustic pianos and therefore cannot be certainly used in apartment buildings!


Digital pianos can be connected to the computers. And therefore the sounds can be changed and can be synced with other sounds like drum beats. They can even be played along with vocal songs. It also enhances the selection ranges from tens to many hundreds.

Other interesting features of Digital Piano

  • Onboard recording is found in many digital pianos
  • Today’s digital pianos offer additional non – piano sounds.

What is a Hybrid Piano?

Hybrid Pianos are neither acoustic nor digital. Currently Yamaha are the only manufacturers of hybrid pianos. A Hybrid Piano allows you to choose the sound between the Grand piano and the digital piano for it provides both.

Hybrid Pianos can be used in churches, schools and homes. They have the size of digital pianos and yet manage to give the acoustics of the traditional piano.

Also, it doesn’t duplicate the sounds as done by the digital pianos and so the sounds are original as in the Grand pianos.

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